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Employment Expectations

Discover, Investigate, and Upgrade

Here at Royaltrix, we give you a career rather than just a job. You will receive the resources and assistance you require to accomplish your
professional goals from our team of outstanding engineers, designers, and executives. No matter the path you choose, we have developed a
vibrant and adaptable workplace that can support your professional goals.

Best People in Jaipur

Personal development

We constantly strive to maintain the passion, vigour, and creativity of our staff. which support their professional and personal growth.


Working environment

To ensure that you have all the support needed to deliver genuinely outstanding work to our clients, we provide a dynamic, creative, and inclusive workplace for our employees.


Always in-house

Since we recruit, hire, train, and pay all of our own staff members, we can guarantee that everyone working on your project is of the greatest calibre and can be entirely trusted.

Agile process

Agile process

Our infrastructure and methodology are built to handle projects of any size and complexity, allowing us to shift resources for the best and most economical outcomes.

Our recruitment process

Nothing we do is more important than selecting the appropriate candidates for each position. We think that having coworkers with similar goals, passions, and drives improves the work environment.



  • Screen CVs
  • Shortlist eligible CVs
  • Call candidates
  • Schedule interview

Interview and assignment

  • Technical interview
  • HR interview

For some positions:

  • Aptitude Test
  • Assignment
  • Presentation
  • Group discussion


  • Select best fit
  • Make offer
  • Sign contract
  • Finalise joining date


  • Welcome to Royaltrix
  • HR induction
  • Team orientation
  • Project orientation

Probation and Promotion

  • 6 months of probation
  • Performance and Competency review
  • Professional development plan
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Perks and Benefits, Solutions for Revolution
Perks and Benefits

Benefits of Working at Royaltrix

At Royaltrix, we are committed to giving our employees the best, and in return, we want the finest performance from them. We provide a variety of perks and benefits to keep our team members motivated in their work.

  • Competitive salary
  • Awards & Recognition
  • Professional Development Plan
  • Paid Time Off and Holidays
  • Performance Evaluation and Competency Evaluation
  • Social Security Fund

Our Locations

The Royaltrix has been universal in its way to deal with business from its beginning.
Collaborate with us today for a noteworthy service experiences.